I Am Invincible
I Am Invincible
Welfare Trust Registered in New Delhi.

A Few Words About Who we are

We are a group of young people from various backgrounds from India and overseas who came together to do our bit for elimination of hunger. Few of us have been associated with charitable organizations for long time. It is heartbreaking to see so many hungry people on our street's. We grow more than we eat but still people sleep empty stomach. In order to shape our thoughts into collective actions we formed and received government approval for this charitable organization in 2020. 

Areas of our work. 

Food Bank & Food Distribution

In earlier days, we used to store food grains in our home for longer periods. There were no shortage of food, in villages these practices are still in use. Similar to this concept our food banks work. It collects food and distributes to needy people. It can store for multiple days. 

Clothing Supplies. 

Another thrust area of our work is clothing collection and distribution to poor and needy. It is primarily required during winter days but some people need it in summer days as well.  

Partners/Sponsors of our work. 

Our partners play a major role in supporting our cause and contributing to us. Some of the them are Matrishwa Enterprises Pvt Ltd(India) & Bombay Global Forwarding(Canada).